Overview of the WWE Slot Game, “Clash of the Wilds”

You may make your presence felt in several ways. Have you heard? Now you do, due to the voiceover in WWE Clash of the Wilds, an online slot game developed by All41 Studios that caters to people who enjoy games in which muscled men and women pretend to hit one other. All41 Studios appears to be in charge of wrestling slot management, since this is their second time doing so. WWE Clash of the Wilds offers an interesting manner of delivering different free spins depending on the triggering reel, in contrast to the previous one, WWE Legends Link&Win, which gave a pretty conventional primary feature. Should I take a peek, or should I just stop right now? First, let’s take a look.

At the beginning of the game, four famous wrestlers—John Cena, Charlotte Flair, Roman Reigns, and Bianca Belair—make their ring debut. All larger-than-life figures who make a living performing in front of a ringside audience of millions. The rest of the vista isn’t quite as flashy, instead mostly consisting of what appears to be broken concrete. Not exactly heart-pounding fare, though the hip-hop score does provide an air of sass to the proceedings. The images, despite the aid of the brief video snippets, failed to portray much of the thrill created by live, professional wrestling. This is unless we missed something evident that would make sense to die-hard wrestling aficionados.

Bets range from 20 pence to £/€25 per spin on WWE Clash of the Wilds, which can be played on any device. WWE Clash of the Wilds is a very risky slot game with an RTP range of 95.13% to 96.13%. There’s a hit frequency of 31.13% while playing at that stake, and regular wins occur when matching symbols fall on adjacent reels, spanning one of the 40 fixed paylines, from left to right.

Wrestlers including Bianca Belair, Roman Reigns, Charlotte Flair, and John Cena, as well with the lower-paying J-A card icons, are shown on the tiles used in WWE Clash of the Wilds as pay symbols. Winning a line with five of a type returns 1.25 times the wager for low payments and 5 times the wager for premiums. The WWE Clash of the Wilds wild symbol may appear in any position and replace any regular pay symbol to create winning combinations. For a line of five wilds, the payoff is 10 times the wager.

Slot Functions in WWE’s “Clash of the Wilds”

The WWE Clash of the Wilds features may be accessed through stacked wilds. The feature that is activated is determined by which reel a stack of three wilds lands on.

Free games with wild blocks lasting for six spins are triggered by getting a wild stack on reel 1. A 2×2, 3×3, or 4×4 wild block lands after each spin, however it may not always be entirely visible. When you get one of the gold-framed premium symbols, you get one extra spin.

Six more free games with wild multipliers are awarded for a wild stack on reel 2. In this game, every spin guarantees a wild multiplier of x2. When a certain wild multiplier contributes to a win, that win is multiplied by the multiplier. When a gold-framed premium symbol appears, it awards an additional free game.

When a wild stack appears on reel 3, the player receives six free games with nudge wilds. Extra wild symbols appear in this feature, and when at least one wild symbol lands on a reel, the reel is encouraged to fill up with wilds. If you get a premium symbol (depicted by a gold frame) on your reels, you’ll get an extra free spin.

Free games with sticky wilds are triggered by landing a wild stack on reel 4. When wild symbols appear, they stick around until the bonus round is over. When a premium symbol in a gold frame appears, the player receives an additional free spin.

Ladder Match Spins for Free

If you get a stack of wilds on the rightmost reel, you’ll trigger 3 free spins with a 1x wager multiplier and advance up the Ladder Match. Whenever a symbol with a golden border lands, it is collected, and the player’s reward level may increase based on the number of symbols gathered. Prizes range from 5 times the wager up to 10,000 times the stake if the highest level is unlocked. Once a level is finished, the player’s spin count and the number of frames with golden symbols are both reset to 3. In addition, a boost point is earned after collecting 5 golden frame symbols (after level 1). You can get up to 10 extra golden framed symbols, up to 3 more spins, or a bonus safe zone when you hit a booster point. The current jackpot can be upgraded to a value between that of the current jackpot and the following level’s jackpot by activating a safe zone.

Purchase Option

In WWE Clash of the Wilds, there are five different features that players may purchase. You can get 35x your wager in free spins with wild blocks, 35x your wager with wild multipliers, 35x your wager with nudging wilds, 40x your wager with sticky wilds, and 50x your wager with Ladder Match.

WrestleMania’s Wild Card Clash: Slot Review

This was a hard one to like at first. WWE is known for being an extreme kind of entertainment where anything may happen at any time, even if the moves have been planned and scripted. You may guess the winner when a big name wrestler faces off against a nobody, but even so, the underdog could get hurled into the commentator’s desk, slammed with a chair, or backflipped on from the top rope. Whatever happens, fans can count on it being really ridiculous, but also hilarious.

WWE Clash of the Wilds wasn’t particularly successful as a wrestling slot. There are four big names in wrestling, some video clips, and some commentary, but the show is quite low-key for the most part. The setting is depressing at best, and the “anything could happen” mood is rarely accomplished. But then again, this is only a slot machine on a website, not Madison Square Garden with 20,000 screaming Hulkamaniacs. It’s sort of neat how the wild stacks may activate various bonus features depending on which reel they fall on. The approach does increase the game’s depth and breadth. Even the main event Ladder Match, with a maximum reward of up to 10,000x the wager, is quite inexpensive compared to the industry standard of 1,000x+ bonus buys.

If you put it all together, you get a wrestling game that won’t knock your socks off with outrageous flamboyance, but it should have plenty in it to satisfy lovers of the genre. WWE Clash of the Wilds isn’t scripted like real-life wrestling, so it may give out incentives and punishments like knee drops and head butts if things aren’t going a player’s way during a bout.