Giggle Bingo

You’d think it would be feasible to have a good time while playing bingo at a site with a name like Giggle Bingo, right? Taking Giggle Bingo too seriously will ensure that the game will fail. As it turns out, sure, there is some amusement to be obtained at Giggle Bingo, but it is not the kind of amusement that will have you laughing out loud or even rofl-ing. The mirth is likely to be milder and limited to just those situations in which you have the good fortune of earning a little to big quantity of money while participating in this game. When it comes to the remainder of the time, there isn’t much opportunity for laughing.

To be honest, we’re probably going a little too far with this. After all, this is only a bingo site, and it has to have a catchy name to attract players. On the homepage of the site, which has been optimized for tablet and mobile devices, there is a huge slider that advertises a welcome bonus that offers players the opportunity to claim up to $1,600 in free money. It’s odd to see currency values presented in dollars — most of these sites are geared for British gamers, and the currency values are always displayed in £ signs. To browse the site, click on any of the tabs at the top of the screen. It’s not the most intuitive interface – even on a desktop computer – but it’ll have to do for now. Clearly, Giggle Bingo hasn’t seen a significant upgrade since it was first introduced a few years ago. It might need some improvement.

What is Giggle Bingo all about?

The easiest way to get a sense of what type of place Giggle Bingo is is to check out their Facebook page, which is available here. It will be interesting to see how active their community is. It will be interesting to observe how often they interact with their consumers, give away free tickets, and generally do their part to spread the love and laughter. What exactly is this? Since 2015, they haven’t posted anything on their Facebook page. Disappointing. However, this is not unexpected. Site management and administration are handled by Bayton Ltd, a Maltese-registered business that is a subsidiary of The Palace Group. They are in possession of a gaming license provided by the Malta Gaming Authority.

However, other from confirming that 128-bit SSL is used to encrypt transactions, the site’s Regarding page does not provide any more information about the payment alternatives that users may take advantage of on the site. If you need to contact customer care, you may do so using the website’s contact submission form or by dialing one of the freephone lines that have been set up for the convenience of Australian, Canadian, and other foreign players.

Giggle’s Banking Services

The fact that Giggle Bingo has a banking website, in addition to prominently displaying financial information on its About page, ensures that the company has covered all of its bases. When you click on the Banking link, you’ll be sent to…the About page. Okay. There’s some strange feedback loop going on at Giggle Bingo that sends you around in circles like you’re trapped in a hall of mirrors that you can’t get out of no matter how hard you try. As a reminder, deposit possibilities include Visa, MasterCard, Paysafecard, Neteller, Skrill, and iDebit, among other methods.

Regarding withdrawals, you may probably utilize the same methods that you used to deposit monies into your account, although this isn’t explicitly mentioned anywhere on the website. Despite the fact that there is a FAQ, it does not seem to address the kind of queries that gamers may regularly ask. For example, there is no information available on how long withdrawal requests may take to be processed and approved. Given that this website hasn’t received much attention in recent years, you may need to contact customer service personally in order to obtain answers to your burning queries, such as “Is this website still in business?”

Are You Going to Laugh at the Bonuses?

So, what happened to that $1,600 first-time customer bonus? What exactly is the problem here? The bargain, as they say, is as follows: To learn more about the offer, you may click on the More button located at the bottom of the slider on the site. If you click on it, you will be sent to a website that asks you to check in, which is completely pointless and useless. It should be noted that the site does include a promotions page. When you click on it, you’ll be sent to a content box that has information on the welcome offer. As soon as you click on it, you’ll be sent to a lengthy page full with complicated terms and conditions. Is there any possibility of obtaining the short and sweet on these guys?

If you were to go through the terms and conditions and extract any helpful information from them, it would take you around half an hour. To sum it up, there is some form of welcome bonus available at Giggle Bingo, but deciphering the specifics of it is too complicated. It seems that you will get 10 free credits simply for joining up, however it is unclear how much those credits are really worth. The same goes for your first four deposits, which must total at least 400 credits apiece, regardless of how much they are worth. Weekly specials are among the several promos available at Giggle Bingo. Due to the fact that they seem to have been updated within the last week, it appears that there is still some life in Giggle Bingo after all.