Features of Online Slots – What You Need to Know About Slot Machines

The online slot machine market is incredibly diverse. Slot machines vary widely in design, theme, paylines, and coin size. There are unique aspects to each slot machine game that set them apart from one another. Extra features in slots increase the excitement level dramatically.

Features of Slot Machines

Slot machines are a staple of gambling establishments both virtual and physical. Slot games at online casinos have evolved to become more interactive and immersive over the years. These days, it’s not enough to simply consider the visual and auditory presentation of a slot machine. You should consider the slot features carefully when making your selection. at this article, we’ll take a deeper look at all the various slot game elements that can be found at online and offline casinos.

Features of Slot Machines: Payout Percentages, Volatility, and Payout Structures

Slot Machine Coin Payouts

Payouts that Grow Over Time

Slot Machines with Multiple Payout Lines and a Gamble Bonus Game

Bonus Turns

Symbols That Can Retrigger Slot Machines

Stakes Machines’ Virtual Wheels of Fortune

Return to Player in Slots

The percentage of return supplied to the player is one of the first figures examined. This is similar to the house edge in that it estimates the percentage of your initial wager that you may expect to recover. These percentages have been proven to be accurate using random number generators and independent auditing. Anywhere from 90% to 99% is possible for the RTP.


We’ve compiled a list of some of the best casino software providers and their highest RTP slots below:


Casino Slots RTP Software Designer

Monster Joker99% NetEnt 1429 Unknown Waters98.6% Thunderkick

Jokerizer 98% Yggdrasil

Girl, Good and Girl, BadBetSoft Wild Orient 98%97.5% Microgaming

Treasures of CleopatraThe RTP Rate Is 97.5%

the Big Bad Wolf97.34% Quickspin

Untamed HordeSuccinctly 97.03% of Players Choose to Push in This Gaming Slot Volatility

The volatility, or variance, of your games is a function of the odds of both losing and winning. How often and how much money you win describes this. High, medium, and low variation are the three most common. These are a unique facet of slot machines; how you use them will depend on how you typically play.

High-volatility slots pay out less frequently but for far more money when you do win. Low volatility slots, on the other hand, have more frequent but smaller payouts. Slot machines with a high variance payback are worth the time and effort it takes to be patient and recover from potential catastrophic losses. If you like a high frequency of little wins, play games with low volatility.


Unpredictability in Casino Game Maker Programs

Starburst NetEnt Low

Lightning Strike TwoMicrogaming

Gemix Let the Guns N’ Roses Music PlayNetEnt Vikings Go Bezerk Yggdrasil Medium

Eternal LoveMicrogaming

Cleopatra IGT

How to Make Money Like King Kong

High Payout Novomatic Book of Ra Slot MachineExtreme Online Play

Soul of the JungleNetEnt Beowulf Pragmatic Slots Payouts for Real Money Play


Every online slot machine has a paytable detailing the payout for various combinations of symbols and game features including Wilds, Scatters, free games, and bonuses. In addition to this data, the slot game’s potential winning paylines will be shown for your perusal.


Bet Reel Lines

The paylines of an online video slot are the betting lines that form patterns across the slot. The arrangement of paylines is completely open. They can be straight, angled, or even zigzag. You win if the winning combination of symbols appears on any of these lines. How much you win is determined by the combination of symbols and patterns you get.

Slots can have either fixed paylines or adjustable paylines, depending on the player’s preferences. You’ll be forced to play all available paylines if they’re fixed, with no option to alter your stake size. Multi-way slots, which offer hundreds of possible payoff combinations, typically contain this feature. Your constant wager covers every available line. You can alter the number of active paylines before each spin of the reels in games with flexible or variable paylines. With variable paylines, using the ‘Bet Max’ button will cause you to wager the maximum sum on each of the active paylines.

Poker Chips


Each spin of the slot machine costs a certain number of coins. Your credits or bankroll in your chosen currency is represented by the coin value. Before you press the spin button, you can choose a coin value between the lowest and maximum allowed. The number of paylines you bet on is likewise represented by the number of coins you wager. If the online slot machine you’re playing has a jackpot, you can only win it by wagering the maximum number of coins every spin.


Progressive Jackpot Slot Machines

These can be found in a variety of online slot games. If you want a shot at the jackpot, you have to bet the maximum. Millions of dollars can accumulate in progressive jackpots, and you could be the one who finally hits it. These can be linked to other online casinos or set up throughout a network of slot machines at a single establishment. While progressive jackpots are the most well-known type of online slot machine jackpot, they aren’t the only kind. They’re challenging to hit but loads of fun to take part in.

The Advantages of Multi-Way Slots


In recent years, technological advancements have made video slots better for gamers of all skill levels. These days, slot machine games don’t have to be limited to the traditional payline structures; instead, players can choose from others like 243 Ways to Win, 1024 Ways to Win, Win Both Ways, and Megaways.


It’s a win-win situation

Typically, in slot machines, the payout pattern runs left to right. Slots that allow players to win both ways are called “win both ways” games. It’s a fun addition because it doubles the odds of winning, which is a big draw for many gamers.

Best Games with Multiple Payouts


Totem Turning (Thunderkick) The Catfather (Pragmatic Play)

NetEnt’s “The Invisible Man”

One can succeed in one of 243 ways.

There are 243 possible payoff combinations in each of these video slots. Your bet is dispersed among a number of different paylines, which are always in place. Regardless of where they land on the reels, symbols can form winning combinations in these machines. Similar to the scatter slots feature, payouts are triggered whenever the symbol lands on the reels. The spread out coin cost of 243 Way slots is moderate and keeps players happy.


Best 243-Way Slot Machines:


NetEnt’s Twin Spin.

Next-Generation Medusa

Microgaming’s Eternal Affair: A Love Story

There are 1024 potential outcomes.

These video slot machines are an upgraded and exciting alternative to traditional slot machines. You don’t need to match symbols along a certain payline to win; instead, you’ll need at least three of a kind. When playing 1024-way slots, your bet covers all paylines on every spin for the same fixed price. Prior to spinning, you have the option to alter the coin size.


Favorite 1024-Way Slot Machines:


Microgaming Version of “Game of Thrones”

IGT’s Crown of Egypt

Playtech’s “Lucky Panda”


Big Time Gaming’s Megaways slots technology offers players a chance to win massive payouts and a thrilling gaming experience. Since the release of the first Megaways slot machine, numerous other companies have licensed the game’s revolutionary bonus round. With megaways, the number of possible paylines increases with each spin, reaching a maximum of 117,649 in some cases.


The Best Megaways Slot Machines:


Megaways White Rabbit (Really Huge Gambling)

Supersized Rhino Expressways (a Game of Pragmatism)

A Bolt from the Blue (Blueprint Gaming): Megaways

Extra Round of Slots


A bonus round is a necessary component of every good online slots game. The slot machine’s hit combination determines whether or not you gain access to a bonus minigame. While some slots’ bonus games are straightforward and entertaining, others have intricate narratives and storylines. There are both skill- and luck-based bonus games available.

Bonus games are a fun way to increase your chances of winning, and they differ from slot machine to slot machine. The gamble function can be used to unlock more games as a bonus. There are many other types of bonus games that may be found in slots, including as free spins, re-spins, jackpots, skill games, ‘choose me’ bonuses, instant wins, extra wilds, and trails. There is a wide variety of high-quality bonus games available from various casino software providers.


Slot Machine Options

When you win a bet at a slot machine, you usually have the option to “gamble” it. You can choose to either double your win or lose what you just won by using this option. Numerous game makers, including Microgaming, provide gambling on their slot machines. There are a variety of betting options available. If you guess the color of the card correctly, you can double your prize, and if you guess the suit, you can triple it. The games of “Heads or Tails,” “Hi-Lo,” and “Punt/Take-It” Choose a symbol, or divide your bet.


Bonus Turns

This type of slot bonus game is extremely prevalent. These are free spins, which the player can use whenever they like. When 3 or more bonus symbols, usually a free spins symbol but often a scatter symbol, appear, the player is awarded free spins. Free games come with a multiplier linked to any wins, and you get a certain number of them. Some slot machines contain extra Scatters or Wilds on the reels, which can greatly increase your payouts.


Option to Start Over

It’s important to note that re-spins in some slots are not the same as free spins. The re-spin feature is built within the main game and not a separate bonus round. Free re-spins are available on select slot machines.



When a slot machine’s bonus round retriggers, it begins playing again. Players adore this feature because who doesn’t want more free spins once they’ve already won some? If you get the same scatter slots symbol combination again, you’ll get another round of bonus spins. Big payouts are guaranteed for you here.


Symbols for Online Slot Machines Symbols for online slot machines are a fundamental part of any online slot game. Symbols are created to correspond with the overall style and concept of the slot machine. When you spin the reels, the symbols on the slots determine which combinations pay out. The low-value ones are represented by things like fruit in fruit machines, or the high-value ones by letters and numbers. The second kind consists of special symbols with more importance. These are the special icons used in slot machines.

Advantage Symbols


Slot machines have bonus rounds that can be activated by special symbols. In the absence of a dedicated bonus sign, certain other icons can activate a number of free games. Bonus games and other great features of your selected video slot might be easily missed if you don’t know what to look for in the paytable.


Signs for Multiplication

These icons have the potential to increase your payout by the specified amount. Multipliers can range from 2x to 100x, and even 1000x in some cases. In certain online slots, multiplier symbols show during the regular game, while in others, they are only available during bonus rounds. If you’re able to increase your wins for a relatively modest wager, these multipliers might be a huge boon.


Inverted Symbols

These icons are uncommon compared to those used in other slot machines. Slots with split symbols are a common IGT bonus round feature. These are stacked icons, taking up two positions on the reels. These can divide into two or three pieces. The odds of winning are increased when symbols are split.


Slot Machine Scatter Symbols

One of the most crucial slot symbols is the scatter. These are exceptional, as they award prizes regardless of where they land on the reels. The free spins or bonus game in a slot machine could be activated by scatter symbols. Scatter symbols typically offer some of the greatest payouts in a game when you look at the paytable. Scatter symbols on slot machines almost always result in large payouts. The amazing thing about scatter slot symbols is that they can show up anywhere on the reels.


Symbols That Replace Other Symbols

Wilds can be seen in a wide variety of video slot games. Add some flavor to the game with these. In this game, the Wild Symbols act like the Joker does in standard card games. These wilds can take the place of any regular slot symbol (with the exception of the scatters). Say you’re playing a 5-reel slot machine and you get a winning combination of 4 identical symbols on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5, but then a Wild shows on reel 5. You’ll get paid out for the far more rare combination of 5 identical reels. Wild symbols come in a variety of forms, each with its unique set of characteristics and uses in slots. Some examples are as follows:


Popular in video slot games are “Expanding Wilds,” which, when they land on a reel, grow to encompass all the symbols there. These have the potential to yield enormous gains.

Sticky Wilds appear during the base game or the slot’s bonus game and stay in place for several spins. Huge and thrilling payouts can result from this.

Wilds that shift positions with each spin are similar to sticky wilds in that they remain on the reels for consecutive spins, but unlike sticky wilds, they can appear anywhere on the reels. Wilds that change locations improve the odds of forming winning combos.

Wilds that stack help complete winning combinations that don’t contain a certain symbol. These are very similar to expanding wilds, except that they typically appear in stacks of two to four.

Wilds that “jump” to a new position on the reels might help you form winning combinations by substituting for other symbols. The good news is that these wilds can appear in multiples across the reels.

The wildest of the wild symbols are the random ones. They can open up numerous promising avenues for success. You can’t predict where or when they’ll show up because it all comes down to the game’s design.

Wild symbols that shift positions on the reels might trigger additional free spins. These are bidirectional, meaning they can move to the left or right.

Taking a Spin on the Internet’s Slot Machines


Slot machine setup is crucial to winning at this casino staple. Modern slots come in a wide variety of themes and formats, each of which can have a different number of reels. Three-reel slots and five-reel slots are the most prevalent. Reels can activate bonus features in slots, which might alter the way you play.


Cascading Reels are a fantastic addition to any slot machine. After a spin, the winning lines will explode to reveal more symbols and other winning combinations. New symbols and improved permutations are revealed as these replacement ones erupt once more.

Bonus slots with rotating reels are a frequent way to improve the payouts you receive during the free spins or other bonus game rounds.

Multiple wins can occur on a single spin using tumbling reels. This is accessible on IGT machines and is slowly making its way into other slot games.

Slots Functions: All You Need to Know to Hit the Big One!


Any given online slot machine may offer a unique set of bonuses. You can use this to rack up some seriously massive profits. Since the greatest online casinos will undoubtedly host a plethora of slots games, we wish you the best of luck in locating your preferred style of slot, complete with exciting and rewarding in-game slot features.